Pay Your Money and Take Your Chances

Quotes and Notes #250, July 11

“Having made the decision, do not revise it unless some new fact comes to your knowledge. Nothing is so exhausting as indecision, and nothing is so futile.”—Bertrand Russell, “The Conquest of Happiness”—

At times I ask, “Is that storm coming or going? Is it going to stay or pass on through? Should I hide from it or find glory in it?

I find it best to look at all sides and then, more than likely, go on and do whatever I was going to do anyway. Show up at the circus—pay your money and take your chances. Indecision gets you nowhere. To not move is a move in and of itself.

And don’t try to decide whom to share a smile with—share it with all.
Everything is going to be all right
John P. Schulz—“Sweetie Drives on Chemo Days.”

Is that storm coming or going?

Is that storm coming or going?

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