Share a Smile With Success…

Quotes and Notes #305, September 5

Do it over and over until you get it right. Feel good about it.

Do it over and over until you get it right. Feel good about it.

“Whenever things go a bit sour in a job I’m doing, I always tell myself, ‘You can do better than this.’”—Dr. Seuss—

Things don’t always go as expected. Sometimes, no matter what kind of project it is, no matter how careful we are, something will go wrong. It is easy to entertain feelings of self-doubt, or, perhaps, it becomes time to work on another project which should be on-going:

Work on your attitude.

Remember, your attitude is something that you alone can determine. A good attitude comes easier with practice, in the same manner that cutting a piece of lumber, writing a poem, or producing a fine piece of needlework all come easier and better with practice.

Be positive.

Either fix the problem or throw it out and start again. By the way, the picture that accompanies this article is of a garden area that I planted six times over a period of twenty years before I was finally happy with it.

Share a smile with success
Everything is going to be all right.
John P. Schulz—“Sweetie Drives on Chemo Days.”

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