Look Back, But Move Ahead…

Quotes and Notes #337, October 7

Everything was beautiful.

Everything was beautiful.

“If you’re always looking back at what you’ve lost, you’ll never discover the treasure that lies just up ahead.”—J.E.B. Spredemann, “Learning to Love – Saul’s Story”—

I say to myself, “Maybe if I had not…I wouldn’t have gotten the cancer.” I say to myself, “Maybe if I had…it wouldn’t have taken my voice.” I know that it is useless to think such thoughts, but they just sneak up on me sometimes. I recognize the thoughts when they show up now and I turn them around.

I say to myself, “Wow, it is so much better to have been diagnosed with cancer now than it would have been forty years ago. I say to myself, “The people who operated on me, treated the recurring tumors, and gave me an artificial voice were wonderfully dedicated and good at their jobs.”

After those thoughts finish their dueling, I can look ahead at the wonders of the world, of life, of being able to watch a young granddaughter grow, and to love and adventure.

And I will share a smile with everyone I pass along the way
Everything is going to be all right
John P. Schulz—“Sweetie Drives on Chemo Days.”

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