We All Cope With Something…Understand….

Quotes and Notes #346, October 16

Smile, adapt, and move on

Smile, adapt, and move on

“Everybody has to have somebody to look down on.”–Kris Kristofferson

Take care before being judgmental. There may be extenuating circumstances—you just never know. My throat operation that was necessary to save me from dying from cancer had several effects. One is that it is now difficult for me to converse easily while dining. It is also difficult for me to make myself heard in a noisy environment, such as a noisy restaurant. Some time ago, my wife and I found that we could have a fun conversation by texting each other as we ate.

One Saturday morning, we were eating breakfast in a crowded Waffle House and having a fun time texting each other and laughing as we ate. A most elderly, obviously wealthy, obviously opinionated gentleman stopped at our table on his way out. He gave both of us a lecture on paying attention to our “little computers” instead of to each other. We both just looked at him silently, wondering, “How is this your concern?” The man walked off shaking his head. I thought, “Oh, well, Kristofferson was right on two levels this time.”

I did smile at him, though. Poor soul, he must live with himself..
You would share a smile with him, also, wouldn’t you?
Everything is going to be all right

John P. Schulz—“Sweetie Drives on Chemo Days.”

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