A Lady Wrote This Poem For Me

My friend Claudia Kennedy sent me this nice poem that she wrote for me
This was kind and made me feel good. I thought I would share it:

He laughed at the evening sky

He laughed at the evening sky

To JPS, with thanks….

Sometimes Late In Life You Get Lucky.

The old man stuck his shovel into the parched ground again with all his strength.
His back ached with the effort.
He watched and waited patiently,
his weathered face bronzed by the setting sun.

It had been a long haul and struggling alone was wearing thin.
He leaned his chin on the tip of the shovel’s handle and rested
As he raised his head toward the sky.

Fresh cool water sprang from the rocky earth beneath his feet.
He leaned on his shovel’s handle,
Threw back his head and laughed
To no one in particular.

“Every now and again in life you get lucky.”

“Looks like everything is going to be all right….

—Claudia Kennedy—

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