How Far Can I Push My Boundaries?

Quotes and Notes #255, July 17

Why is the fence there? Why is the flower there?  I don't know.

Why is the fence there? Why is the flower there?
I don’t know.

“Don’t ever take a fence down until you know why it was put up.”—Robert Frost—

Pushing and expanding our boundaries allows us to discover things, accomplish things, and to gain strength.

At times, our boundaries will involve a fence and we must hesitate while we determine if the fence is protecting us or confining us. We realize that we can go through, over, under, or around the fence—but do we need to examine the consequences?

A caged bird that escapes to the outside world loses the security of nourishment and protection as it gains its freedom. Will it eat or be eaten? Time will tell—but then, creativity is only found outside that cage and on the other side of that fence.

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