Act as If

Quotes and Notes #132, March 15,

“I’ve always thought that people need to feel good about themselves and I see my role as offering support to them, to provide some light along the way.”--Leo Buscaglia

This is conceptual—I never thought about myself as having a “role.” Perhaps I should. Perhaps we should all adopt a role that calls for both feeling good and for helping others to feel good. It works for me.

Remember, helping others to feel good is one of the most selfish acts you can commit because it pays you back in kind.

My brother, Tom, once said, “If you want to be an artist, first you need to call yourself an artist.” This is a true statement and it applies in many ways. If you want to be happy, first you need to refer to yourself as happy. The key phrase to this concept is “act as if…” If you are not optimistic, act as if…

It works.

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Everything is going to be all right.

John P. Schulz

“Sweetie Drives on Chemo Days.”

Caring and Giving

Quotes and Notes #130, March 13

“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.”–Leo Buscaglia

Yesterday at the caregiver’s luncheon, I was talking with a nice man who told me that he makes ornate baby cradles. More than that, he makes cradles to give to random people who are having their first child. He told me that he just gave away number 21 and was starting another, then he showed me a picture of the beautiful work—it was priceless.

The back story was that his wife had died after a long spell with Alzheimer’s and the cradle making was part of his self-administered therapy.

I said, “I’ll bet those people really love the cradles.” He smiled and replied, “They sure do.”

I said, “I’ll bet giving those cradles away makes you feel pretty good.” He replied, “That’s the point of it, isn’t it?”

This story is my gift to you, now go out and pass it on.

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Everything is going to be all right.

John P. Schulz

“Sweetie Drives on Chemo Days”

"Facing Cancer Treatments With Humor and Optimism

“Facing Cancer Treatments With Humor and Optimism

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