Curiosity brings Satisfaction…

Quotes and Notes #173, April 27

“Satisfaction of one’s curiosity is one of the greatest sources of happiness in life.”—Linus Pauling—

My favorite questions have usually started with, “I wonder what would happen if…? I can remember getting in a lot of trouble as a child by looking for answers to these questions. I learned that it was interesting to throw tubes of Uncle Fred’s oil paints on the sidewalk, stomp on them, and watch the colors shoot out onto the grass and cement. I also learned that there were dire consequences to such actions. Now, being older and more experienced, I have learned to be a bit more careful in choosing my experiments, but finding the answers to the questions is still a great source of happiness and satisfaction.

And, thinking back on the oil paints, I don’t remember the punishment (though I’m sure there was one), but I do remember the glorious line of red paint that shot out of the experimental tube.

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Everything is going to be all right.

John P. Schulz   “Sweetie Drives on Chemo Days.”

"I wonder what mysteries I can solve today?"

“I wonder what mysteries I can solve today?”

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