A New Adventure

Today, Dekie and I will be traveling to Shelby County, Alabama where we will meet some good people, present our books to members of the Arts Council, and then speak to the attendees of the “Relay for Life” cancer event. This morning Dekie suggested that my quote should deal with “adventure.” I found one that I truly love:

Quotes and Notes #184, May 8
”He held up a book then. ‘I’m going to read it to you, relax.”
“Does it have any sports in it?”
“Fencing, Fighting, Torture, Poison, True Love, Hate, Revenge, Giants, Hunters, Bad men, Good men, Beautifulest Ladies, Snakes, Spiders…Pain, Death, Brave men, Cowardly men, Strongest men, Chases, Escapes, Lies, Truths, Passion, Miracles.”
“Sounds okay,” I said and I kind of closed my eyes.” –William Goldman, The Princess Bride.

We all need a periodic adventure. An adventure doesn’t always have to deal with battling dragons but every now and then it is satisfying to face up to one of those fire-breathing demons and deal with it. Sometimes, instead of actually vanquishing the dragon, we may wish to pull the thorn out of its foot and make friends.

But a peaceful, laid-back adventure is best. To see and experience new things, new people, and new realizations.

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John P. Schulz
“Sweetie Drives on Chemo Days.”

"John, I think I see Dragon smoke over there. Get your sword."

“John, I think I see Dragon smoke over there. Get your sword.”

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