On Transitions and Crossing Bridges…

Quotes and Notes #202, May 30

“It is not good to cross the bridge before you get to it.”—Judi Dench—

Bridges are necessary at times to help us move from one place to another in our lives.

Before a difficult battle, the Roman soldiers would cross a river into a land they wished to conquer and then burn the bridge behind them so that they had to win—they could not go back. This is where we get the term “burning bridges.”

When you move on to another aspect of your life, be careful to not move too soon, and, when you do move, don’t look back.

And share a smile with those whom you meet on the other side.
Everything is going to be all right
John P. Schulz–“Sweetie Drives on Chemo Days.”

Are you ready to cross?

Are you ready to cross?

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